About Mountain Harvest Organics

It all started when we visited the Appalachian Mountains with hopes of finding a small piece of property that could be our weekend getaway from our fast paced software development lifestyle. We stumbled upon this beautiful farm that was for sale with the threat of being developed and decided the farm would be our weekend getaway rather than a developer's dream. We have always had a small organic garden so we felt certain that it would be no problem for us to fly in on weekends and tend to 5 acres of cropland. Although the farm price was not in our budget, we overextended ourselves financially, bought the farm, and began planting crops in the fields.

We were wrong - we could not farm while traveling - which was just one of our many misconceptions about farming. While we were out of town during the week on our computer jobs, the weeds came, the veggies rotted on the vines, and the fields were being overtaken by locust trees, blackberry bushes and multi-flora roses. The buildings further deteriorated and the old farmhouse still in need of restoration. The farm needed full-time caretakers so January 2000 we quit our software consulting jobs to become full-time farmers.

As we continue to reclaim the farm fields and increase our production level, we realize that we need help tending to the farm so we hope to have interns during the 2002 growing season. Needless to say, the buildings continue to deteriorate and the farmhouse still in need of restoration. I am not sure how our forefathers did it - we spend all our time in the fields - never able to find time for building maintenance and to begin restoring the farmhouse.

We are not yet sure how we will continue making our land payments, probably with some software consulting jobs, but we are determined to keep the farm productive like it has been for the past 150 years with the previous caretakers. We hope that someday this farm is in a farm trust so it will always remain a farm, even after we pass.