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About Us: We are mostly market gardeners and sell our offerings at local markets; however, in addition to preserving our harvest for winter, we raise egg laying chickens, chickens for meat and dairy goats. We can’t claim to do all these things alone - we normally have a farm apprentice living on the far – who helps us with all the farm chores. .

We fenced a corral in the hog pasture by setting wood posts for the gates and corners. The posts were made from old telephone poles that once were used to route electricity to the flats of Spring Creek. We also set a gate for the tractor access into the main corral, a gate for loading/unloading hogs, and a gate for access to the farrowing stall. We ran woven wire around the perimeter of the corral because we did not want to use electric fencing for this section because we are bad about letting grass grow up along the fence which shorts it out causing animals to escape.
We made it through January and it seems that the entire month was spent hauling buckets of water for the horse, cows, chickens and pigs. As Gene Logsdon wrote in his journal that farming without money takes a bit more labor and his direct comment, “no water piped to my […]

So happy for relief from the Artic Blast!

We have been keeping these 3 adorable pigs in the warmth of the barn where they are rooting up worms! They have such cute dirty snouts, from doing what pigs like to do, which is rooting.
Since establishing our Facebook page, it has been rather easy to periodically post a photograph of our daily experiences on the farm using this social media tool, that we have become negligent recording our life experiences in our journal. For us, the reason for facebook being easy was that Sylvestre […]

Oh journal, how we miss thee!

A snapping turtle. What would the FDA say about a snapping turtle within 50 feet of our packing/processing shed? We think these critters are important. In fact, there is a reason for all critters being here so we should be able to grow food with the risk of these critters.
The comment period for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is open until November 15th. We should have let everyone know about this a couple weeks ago because time is running out and we need your help in protecting America’s small highly diversified farms. So PLEASE RESPOND to voice your […]

Please comment on the Food Safety Act by Nov 15th!

Besides weeding, the past couple weeks have been spent processing onions, digging and washing potatoes, harvesting and grading melons that the crows haven't eaten, plus all the gazillion farm jobs required to keep the veggies growing and the animals healthy on this small farm!
We are juggling a few long term projects here at MHO those being building a pavilion over the pizza oven, building a farm vacation cabin rental, raising another greenhouse and finally reclaiming pastures. A few years ago our neighbor Ken Pangle made a comment to us something like, “You’ve got […]

Working towards a closed loop farming system

The farm crew weeding and thining a crop of beets in the rain. We normally don't do this type of work in the rain but had to in order to save the crop.
Journal, I am sorry that I have not written lately, but our computer crashed and I didn’t have the software that I am accustomed with to downsize images for use in this journal. We just purchased a new computer and Carl has loaded most of the software so I am […]

What it must be like to farm in a rain ...