Winter Stash

Preparing for Winter

Kraut made from our fall cabbage crop and the crock that made it tasty! Our cabbage has been fermenting in this crock for the past 5 weeks at around 70 degrees and just this week I noticed the flavor similar to what I remember of Marthas Kraut. So I bottled our kraut and put it in the refrigerator to maintain this flavor.
I went on a hike today after “predator proofing” the chicken coop and had a pleasant surprise of actually seeing bare ground as we have had snow on the ground for the past several weeks.   I certainly hope that the snow melts because I would like to begin cutting wood […]

Tasty Sauerkraut

Some might think I mean the cash crop, but after our most recent endeavor we have such an appreciation for what our forefathers have done in hot smoking meat creating incredible flavors. We just smoked a couple 20 lb hams, using a Sorghum Glaze, and the flavor is AMAZING! We now […]

We’re addicted to smokin’

I feel a bit lazy these past couple of days. Sunday I didn’t do much but harvest a little squash which aren’t so pretty because the squash bugs are munching on them. We are desperately trying to kill a few bugs so Carl sprayed our crops Sunday while I weeded […]

The dog days of summer