We have been keeping these 3 adorable pigs in the warmth of the barn where they are rooting up worms! They have such cute dirty snouts, from doing what pigs like to do, which is rooting.
Since establishing our Facebook page, it has been rather easy to periodically post a photograph of our daily experiences on the farm using this social media tool, that we have become negligent recording our life experiences in our journal. For us, the reason for facebook being easy was that Sylvestre […]

Oh journal, how we miss thee!

Garlic on the trailer. A couple people use a digging fork to dig the garlic up, very carefully, so that the bulbs aren’t damaged. A couple others brush off the dirt and place the garlic on the trailer. We let the garlic dry a bit in the sunshine before placing it in our curing racks. This allows the dirt to easily fall off.
Can you believe that us farmers’ are thinking about fall just upon summers arrival? We are now beginning to seed our first succession of fall crops which includes broccoli, kale, collard greens and cabbage. We are seeding transplants so we are once again filling up our propagation greenhouse benches. This […]

Turning the corner

We hoed the garlic. First Carl used Heido Ho, and she did an excellent job in getting most of the weeds between our garlic beds (the isles) and between the garlic rows (the middle of the garlic beds.) Then we came through with hoes and worked in a little fertilizer and zapped away the rest of the weeds. Wouldn’t it be lovely if no more weeds grow in the garlic the rest of the season?
Our weather here in the mountains has been very warm so things around the farm are growing ever so quickly. It has been in the 70’s during the day which is a little unusual to have temperatures this warm in March. We are currently working on fencing the pig pasture […]

Things are growing!

The pigs arrived at the farm safely, after riding in the back seat of our truck, but they did puke because of our curvy roads. I don’t know of many who would let pigs ride in their car, but I do know that Mandy and Sabrina would have, probably others!
And seeding won’t end until September – but I feel a bit of relief – knowing that we will hopefully deliver something edible to our CSA come early May.  Once we begin heating our propagation greenhouse, especially since it is heated with propane, we try to fill it with seeded […]

Finally, seeding begins for 2011

Today we introduced the pigs to their summer home and by evening they were definitely enjoying their shelter. We covered the entire floor of the shelter with a think layer of straw and added their old hay bedding from the barn stall just to provide them with a little familiarity. […]

Now I know why I’ve never heard of pigherds