The farm crew weeding and thining a crop of beets in the rain. We normally don't do this type of work in the rain but had to in order to save the crop.
Journal, I am sorry that I have not written lately, but our computer crashed and I didn’t have the software that I am accustomed with to downsize images for use in this journal. We just purchased a new computer and Carl has loaded most of the software so I am […]

What it must be like to farm in a rain ...

For the past 13 years, we've always used this printed report, generated from the software we wrote, for tracking those items transplanted or direct seeded to the field. As we go paperless on the farm this report will be used on the tablet.
Prior to farming both Carl and I spent our life writing software, assisting companies in automating and streamlining their processes or manually done tasks, thus saving them money and time which allowed them to grow and flourish. Doesn’t it seem crazy that we’ve never evaluated our business from an automation […]

Going high-tech on the farm!

Bagheera climbing up a tier pole! Danielle and Justin saw the kitties doing their job and eating a rat this week.
That is what I have been the past couple months. I have been having a rough time setting aside time to update our journal. Probably because there is so much work to do outdoors that I find it difficult to prioritize indoor responsibilities such as keeping our journal updated. Well…. […]

Journal Slacker

Garlic on the trailer. A couple people use a digging fork to dig the garlic up, very carefully, so that the bulbs aren’t damaged. A couple others brush off the dirt and place the garlic on the trailer. We let the garlic dry a bit in the sunshine before placing it in our curing racks. This allows the dirt to easily fall off.
Can you believe that us farmers’ are thinking about fall just upon summers arrival? We are now beginning to seed our first succession of fall crops which includes broccoli, kale, collard greens and cabbage. We are seeding transplants so we are once again filling up our propagation greenhouse benches. This […]

Turning the corner

Justin watering in our peppers. After transplanting them, we like to give them a treat, and for them it is fish emulsion. Last year the critters ate SO MANY of our sweet Italian roasting peppers so say your prayers that they save some of these peppers for market sales.
The farm crew made some great accomplishments this past week in transplanting our winter squash and peppers out to the field. We hope to be transplanting some melons but the plants are not doing very well.