Production Note

Production Note to Self

We have been keeping these 3 adorable pigs in the warmth of the barn where they are rooting up worms! They have such cute dirty snouts, from doing what pigs like to do, which is rooting.
Since establishing our Facebook page, it has been rather easy to periodically post a photograph of our daily experiences on the farm using this social media tool, that we have become negligent recording our life experiences in our journal. For us, the reason for facebook being easy was that Sylvestre […]

Oh journal, how we miss thee!

I am working at socializing the girls. They are starting to get used to my voice and eat from my hand. This red star is sitting on my lap!
This has been our household discussion for the past several months as we begin planning for our 2013 growing season. Anyone who has been following our journal may know that several years ago we had winter computer work that supplemented our farming income making it financially feasible to farm during […]

How do we reinvent ourselves?

Bagheera climbing up a tier pole! Danielle and Justin saw the kitties doing their job and eating a rat this week.
That is what I have been the past couple months. I have been having a rough time setting aside time to update our journal. Probably because there is so much work to do outdoors that I find it difficult to prioritize indoor responsibilities such as keeping our journal updated. Well…. […]

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