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Michael Pollan is one of my favorite food writers so I am posting a link to articles of his that are extremely thoughtful and worth re-reading from time to time. With Health Care Reform underway I think the below article is worth re-reading: Farmer in Chief Below is a great article […]

Articles worth reading

The 3 little pigs checking out the layer of straw in their summer tent! 4
Today we introduced the pigs to their summer home and by evening they were definitely enjoying their shelter. We covered the entire floor of the shelter with a think layer of straw and added their old hay bedding from the barn stall just to provide them with a little familiarity. […]

Now I know why I’ve never heard of pigherds

Look at all those greenhouse posts aligned to the string, plumb and level with one another!  We have been waiting for the weather to warm for a couple consecutive days just to set concrete. 5
  With temperatures reaching 52 degrees midday Sunday we were finally able to concrete greenhouse posts in greenhouse #5.  Would you believe that this is the first time since December where we had a couple consecutive days reaching these temperatures?  Last October Joe, Meagan, Caree and Carl dug 50 holes 2 feet deep […]

Finally temperatures warm enough to set concrete!