In between rain showers we were able to work up the soil and transplant onions! We transplanted around 8700 onion plants that hopefully will turn into DELICIOUSNESS!
Several years ago, Angela Witmore apprenticed with us, she is a GREAT ARTIST, who painted an AMAZING PORTRAIT of Luther Baily from the North Asheville Tailgate Market.. We hope that today she continues to use her gift,  in painting portraits of people and farms, as it is such a great […]

Inspiring words of wisdom

The tree in the previous photograph became this tie beam for the cabin. It is 8x10x19 and I am having a real difficult time imagining us raising this beam onto posts 9 feet high!
If I was to look back through our journal entries from previous years the subject for this entry might just be the most commonly used. After all, we are transplanting seedlings throughout the season, hoping each time that the soil has just the right amount of moisture. This past week […]

FINALLY… We’ve transplanted a few crops to the fields

Red cabbage wanting to be transplanted!
It does seem silly that I would like a few prayers for our fields to dry out, especially when a good portion of our continent is in drought and badly needs moisture, and sure enough just as we pray for drier weather we will be in a drought. But I […]

I know that we should be careful in what we ...

The seedlings are growing in the greenhouse! We were able to work up a bit of land this past weekend while it was dry because shortly many of our seedlings will be going outdoors.
We were in the midst of transplanting seedlings to the greenhouse when Alvin stopped by inquiring if we were ready to grade the cabin site. The soil is the driest  we’ve seen since mid December of last year, so we said YES, and the grading began! Alvin believes he has […]

Grading for the cabin site!

For the past 13 years, we've always used this printed report, generated from the software we wrote, for tracking those items transplanted or direct seeded to the field. As we go paperless on the farm this report will be used on the tablet.
Prior to farming both Carl and I spent our life writing software, assisting companies in automating and streamlining their processes or manually done tasks, thus saving them money and time which allowed them to grow and flourish. Doesn’t it seem crazy that we’ve never evaluated our business from an automation […]

Going high-tech on the farm!

Our Valentines Day Celebration complete with gnocchi, steamed spinach and steamed sweet potatoes. Is it right for two individuals to eat a half pound of spinach at a meal? We did and love it! Our gnocchi, made with German Butterballs, were melt-in-your mouth deliciousness.
This Valentine’s day we decided to make gnocchi as our main entrée along with steamed spinach and sweet potatoes for our sidedish. Is it right for two people to eat a 1/2 pound of fresh spinach for one meal? Perhaps, if one knows the individual who grew the spinach, otherwise […]

We are not afraid to eat our spinach!

Carl bolting wheels to the sawmill while it is crated up. Once the wheels have been connected, we raise all the leveling feet so they don’t drag the ground. One would want to completely remove the leveling feet if the mill was to be hauled on the highway.
Last week we had four days of rain so we used this time for seed planning and then finally placing our seed orders. Early January we decided that we would decrease our production level by half with hopes that we will be able to juggle production along with building the […]

Our seed order is placed and we’ve poured concrete piers!

Lettuce transplants laid out ready to be put into the soil.
We spent a couple days the last week in December, while we had a dusting of snow and it being a bit too frozen for outdoor jobs, working up the soil in a portion of our propagation greenhouse for salad mix. We seeded the lettuce for our salad mix October […]

We’re enjoying a change in our farming jobs

Most of the 28, 4 foot deep holes, were dug using the digging bar to crush rocks and the post hole diggeron the right to remove dirt!
Or it is nearly complete so we have officially marked this task off of our “To Do” list.  We finished everything except installing gate latches on December 18th, but we have chained the gates closed, and are THANKFUL that we are officially keeping the deer from accessing an additional 2 […]

Deer Fence #2 Complete!

I am working at socializing the girls. They are starting to get used to my voice and eat from my hand. This red star is sitting on my lap!
This has been our household discussion for the past several months as we begin planning for our 2013 growing season. Anyone who has been following our journal may know that several years ago we had winter computer work that supplemented our farming income making it financially feasible to farm during […]

How do we reinvent ourselves?