How Sweet! We skinned a greenhouse for use in fall production.

This past Monday we pulled plastic over Greenhouse #5 and are ready to hand dig the beds and amend with vermicompost. Our worms have been making some beautiful compost so our plan is to layoff the rows then add in compost to those rows. This is my first time trying to document us covering a […]

I had two days off in a row, the first since mid April, and we are makin’ the bacon!

Thanks to Danielle and Townes, I had both Saturday and Sunday off last week which was the first since mid April. HOORAY! I mentioned to a couple of our CSA members that I was going to have both Saturday and Sunday off and so Jane Thomas asked something like, “What is it like for you […]

Such wonderful sleeping weather these past couple nights

This journal entry is for Trace!!!! Yes, finally I am taking the time to write in our journal and let me tell you why… Because here in the mountains we are having cooler weather, with finally the nighttime temperatures dropping, making for some fabulous sleeping. This helps motivate me in completing my nightly chores such as journal […]