Why Buy Local?

  • Fresh and healthy: Give your family and customers high quality, healthy, certified organic produce by serving it right after it has been harvested. Many fruits and vegetables loose nutrients within a few days after being harvested so let us deliver right after picking and washing!!!

  • Heirloom and specialty varieties: We specialize in heirlooms and varieties not commonly found in local supermarkets. Tell us what you want and we may be able to grow it for you!!!

  • Local: Support your local farmers and economy while being environmentally concerned. Buying locally helps local farms and helps the environment by saving on resources required for transportation!!!

  • Educational: Become involved in how food is grown and harvested!

  • Help keep farmscapes on the horizon: Buying from local farms helps to ensure that future generations will enjoy seeing cattle, barns and crop fields in the horizon as they travel through the country!!!