The History of Mountain Harvest Organics

This farm was previously owned and operated by the Ebbs/Plemmons family who farmed this land for over 150 years and for most of those years, like most families in the Spring Creek Township, were a very self sufficient family and did not rely on outside communities for support.

We have found heirloom seeds saved in their canning house which is an indication of the family's self sufficiency. By saving seeds year after year, they didn't need to purchase seeds from seed companies but continued growing their favorite herbs, flowers and vegetables. In addition, saving seeds reduced the yearly farming expenses as small family farms are normally on a tight budget.

It is our understanding that in the 1970's the farm was awarded a certificate from the State of North Carolina for being a century old farm. To qualify for this certificate, the farm must be owned and operated by the same family for 100 years. The family traveled to Raleigh, NC to receive the award and the certificate is currently hanging in the farm house.

The family also operated a country store which supplied many local townspeople with staples not produced within the community. In addition, the Ebbs/Plemmons owned a truck which was used to transport goods produced by the local townspeople to be sold in outside communities. It has been told that the store mysteriously burned down around 1982.

The most recent farm house was built in 1880 and is in need of restoration. We hope to restore the home in the next few years as we find time - being farmers it is hard to find time for such major projects - so it may take time before the farm house is restored. The architecture of the home is a Gothic Revival with a Cathedral Cross design which is representative of the families in this area in that religion plays an important part of their life and life centers around the local churches.

We purchased the farm in 1997 in an effort to protect the farm from urban sprawl. The history obtained so far was offered to us by our many neighbors who are natives of Spring Creek North Carolina. We plan to document the history of the farm by interviewing the previous farm owners and family members to obtain additional history.

Please contact us if you have information pertaining to the history of the Ebbs/Plemmons farm.